Book your Pole Art Show with Pole Perfekt!

Sabine’s Pole Artists will make your event unforgettable.

Our pole artists are some of the best in the world.

If you celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, or a get together – a pole art show provides lots of entertainment and awe.

Do you need an eye catcher and an artistic theme à la Cirque du Soleil for your trade show or for your business event? Our Pole Art Shows will catch the attention of your clients and guests.
We are eager to avoid misinterpretations:  We provide Pole Artists à la Cirque du Soleil in fantastic outfits and beautiful make up. Our trendsetting performance program does not include nudity what so ever!

With Pole Perfekt Performances you book admirable acrobatic, beautiful strength, amazing flexibility and always an unforgettable Pole Show which is individually choreographed for your very special event.

Please let us know if you are also interested in additional aerial acts like silks, hoop or static trapeze.  We are happy to bring those acts to your venue as well.

Please contact us to talk about details. We are always making sure to bring you a tailor made, amazing Pole Art Show for your special event!